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Penta Base
Compatible with Straight or Coiled Cord

Penta Base + Basemate
Compatible with Straight or Coiled Cord

Penta Base +
Basemate + Wing
Compatible with Coiled Cord and Wireless Transmitters

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You can purchase the BaseMate and Wing under accessories.

Introducing the New Penta Series Booms.

In today's world cost often dictates one's purchasing power. It forces the consumer to sacrifice product quality in exchange for product affordability. With this in mind, Loon Audio designed the Penta. It is an affordable boom that sacrifices nothing in terms of performance or craftsmanship. Like the Loon Boom, it also utilizes our internal dual locking system and proprietary graphite construction. The Penta's combination of superior quality, technology, user-friendly features and durability meet or exceed the professional's expectations. Loon Audio is proud to deliver the Penta to the market at an exceptionally affordable price. Why pay more for a lower performing product when everything you need is engineered into the Penta?

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We have the following Penta Series Booms in stock and ready to ship.
Available Lengths: 6 feet 10 inches, 8 feet 5 inches, 10 feet 1 inch, 11 feet 8 inches, 13 feet 5 inches, 15 feet 1 inch, and 17 feet 6 inches.

Penta Series Boom Specifications

Penta Series: Purchase Process

The Penta Boom is offered in three different packages.

  1. Penta Boom- All Penta Booms includes a Penta Base and TogLoc,
  2. Penta Boom with Straight Cable
  3. Penta Boom with Coiled Cord. Field Kit included

We have an assortment of accessories that can be added to your Penta Series Boom as well.

Shipping Charges: U.S.- $25 Fed Ex 2 Day
International: $90.00

Our website provides easy and secure internet purchase.
Pricing Starting At: $365.00

Price: $365.00
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