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Activation of Dual Locking System- Used when a section is fully extended

The Dual locking system is easy to activate.
  1. Fully extend the graphite.
  2. Continue to hold the section fully extended while tightening the collar.
1018 Coiled Cord- Easy steps to help prolong its life.

  1. When the Loon Boom has been fully extended for long periods of time (especially on hot days) make sure to close the last section slowly. This extra time will allow for the coils to retract naturally and not be forced to bunch up.
  2. Try to avoid any unnecessary rotation of the different sections of graphite when opening and closing the boom. This practice will help prevent your cable from twisting, which can cause it to not collapse properly.
  3. Once a month, or so, you should remove the BaseMate and detach the cord. Allow the coil cord to spin and relax back to its natural position. This will take out any twists that may have occurred during previous uses.
  4. It has been our experience that you should keep two coils outside the tip of the pole with one wrapped around the TogLoc microphone connector groove. This allows for the proper amount of coils to be inside the pole for the cord to perform optimally.

BaseMate and Wing -How to remove the Wing.
  1. Remove the Wing from the BaseMate by loosening the two set screws as shown in figures 2 & 3. (Do not fully remove these set screws)
  2. To reassemble reverse these directions. (Make sure that when attaching the coil cord XLR you align the rectangular slot and arrow with the set screw) As per figure 4
  3. When reattaching this assembly to the pole do not twist entire assembly only twist the collar to tighten.

Wing XLR 90 degree Orientation- Customize how you plug onto the Wing.
  1. Remove the small Phillips screw from the face plate of the Wing and remove. (keep screw)
  2. Push the male XLR back through the Wing until it is clear and free. Be careful with the small wires.
  3. Select the orientation that you desire and twist gently the male XLR insert.
  4. Now reinstall back into the Wing. (Notice the groves that will align with the tab on the XLR connecter.)
  5. Once the XLR has been fully inserted, push on the keeper sleeve back into the Wing, then coil and place the wiring back into the cavity.
  6. Place the cover back into its locating groove and reattach by using the same screw.
TogLoc- This function is integrated into the microphone connector and the BaseMate.

You can easily remove both the TogLoc microphone connector and the BaseMate by simply loosening the collar three turns. Make sure that the collar is open three turns when reattaching these TogLocs to the Boom. Be careful not to push the collet out of the collar.

Coiled Cord : How to add/remove a coiled cord from the Penta

How to Remove Coiled Cord From the Penta Base

  1. Unscrew the Penta Base from the bottom of the pole
  2. Loosen the two set screws located nearest the threads on the Penta Base this releases the XLR attachment.
  3. Remove the TogLoc at the tip of the boom and slip the coil cord out.

How to Add Coiled Cord to Penta Base (without BaseMate+Wing)

  1. Place coiled cord through the tip of the boom and slide it in until it comes out the bottom.
  2. Make sure that the Penta Base is unscrewed.
  3. Place the XLR inside the Penta Base and align the groove (located in the middle of the XLR) with the top of the Penta Base. See figure 5
  4. Tighten the two Set Screws nearest the threads. (the other two set screws on the larger diameter are not needed here because they are for the BaseMate+Wing attachment)
  5. Just before screwing the Penta Base into the Boom, twist the assembly backwards, like loosening it (counter clockwise) six FULL turns. This will wind up the coil cord so when the Penta is screwed in, it will leave the cord in its natural state.
  6. Insert the Penta Base (with the XLR connected) into the thread and screw clockwise until tight.

The BaseMate and Wing can easily be added to the Penta Base

  1. Assemble the Wing and BaseMate (as shown below) (View Loon Boom Care & Use for details)
  2. Unscrew the Penta Base and remove the Coiled Cord XLR from the base as previously described.
  3. Now slide the Coil Cord completely through the Penta Base and plug the XLR into the BaseMate+Wing (Figure 6). MAKE SURE THAT THE SET SCREW LOCATED ON THE TOP PORTION OF THE BASEMATE (FIGURE 7 BELOW) IS UNSCREWED ENOUGH TO ALLOW THE XLR TO PLUG IN FULLY. THE SET SCREW SHOULD NOT PROTRUDE INTERNALLY AT ALL. (You are plugging the XLR into the Wing. As shown in Figure 6. )
  4. Once the XLR in fully inserted in the BaseMate+Wing tighten the Set Screw to secure it. As illustrated in figure 7.
  5. Next, slide the Penta Base onto the BaseMate to secure the BaseMate+Wing to the Penta Base. Tighten the two Set Screws located on the larger diameter section of the Penta Base. It is very important that you align the set screws on the Penta Base correctly with the set screws on the BaseMate. Two images below illustrate the correct alignment and one illustrates the incorrect way.
  1. Just before screwing the Penta Base and Wing assembly into the Boom, twist the assembly backwards, like loosening it (counter clockwise) six FULL turns. This will wind up the coil cord so when the Penta is screwed in, it will leave the cord in its natural state
  2. Insert the Penta Base and assembly into the threads and screw clockwise until tight.



Cleaning and Reassembling your Boom- If you take your boom apart for cleaning, follow the directions below for reassembly. (note: it is best to take apart only one joint at a time)
  1. Clean with mild soap and water then apply Protect All then wipe down with microfiber towel.
  2. First properly slide the collar back onto tube, then install white tail collet as shown below.
  3. Wrap the activator sleeve around graphite and slide into boom.

  4. When screwing on collar be careful not to cross thread.
  5. Note: The two collars at the extreme ends of the pole are our TogLoc collars. They are different. To identify these you will notice one extra ring in the center of the collar. Make sure that these TogLoc collars are reinstalled only at the very top and the very bottom of the boom. All of the collars in the middle do not have this extra groove in the center.

If you have any questions about anything please don't hesitate to email support@loonaudio.com or call us toll free at 888-582-7083.

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