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Loon Boom | Penta Series | 1018 Cable | BaseMate + Wing

LOON BOOM Loon Audio's finest boom pole.


The light weight TogLoc microphone connector makes use of our Patent Pending technology that allows for a safe and secure connection. When the collar is tightened it forces the internal collet into a dual cone shape. This deformation creates such a secure connection that it resists several hundred pounds of pull out force. This, dual conical, locking system also creates a very quiet connection. The TogLoc microphone connector is easy to remove simply be loosening the collar three turns. This allows the collet to return to its natural state allowing TogLocs to be removed or inserted. By having the option to remove the Tog Loc this allows for easy cable interchangeability.

Dual Locking System

In developing the Loon Boom collar system we made it a goal to separate ourselves from the conventional boom and offer performance enhancing features. First, our collars provide a comfortable grip coupled with only a quarter turn release. Secondly, we paid particular attention to creating a secure and quiet connection in each joint. Below is a description of our collar and joint connection.

Collars: Each point of the collar is geometrically designed for a purpose both internally and externally. The rectangular bars on the exterior provide substantial grip without being excessively coarse. The internal geometry is designed to activate our Dual Locking system when tightening the collar. Every collar is O-Ring sealed to protect against grime. We have also designed the geometry of the collars and collets to resist breaking loose even when the adjacent graphite tubes are twisted.

Joint Connection: Our firm and quiet connection is a result of having two separate collets lock each joint verses the conventional method of just one. First, when the collar is tightened it couples with angles of the collet to create one connection. Second, the collar simultaneously activates another collet system located at the tail end of the internal graphite tube. This creates an extremely secure and quiet connection.

It is through this Patent Pending system that Loon Audio is able to offer the next generation of booms.


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The carbon fibers used in our Loon Boom pole employ a proprietary matrix that took over three years to achieve. This matrix permits our graphite tubes to be exceptionally light, durable and rigid. Accomplishing these three features, simultaneously, is unprecedented. We utilize unique manufacturing techniques in combination with select materials to achieve this arduous task. All Loon Booms have six graphite sections. We customized each section with different strength to weight ratios to suite its purpose at its particular location on the pole. For example, the top three sections, located toward the microphone, are modified to be lighter and more durable. This alteration creates a more responsive boom for the operator. Do not confuse the static weight of a boom pole with the dynamic response that you will appreciate with the Loon Boom. Additionally, we reinforced the tail end of all six sections for increased support and durability. This Patent Pending feature provides extra rigidity at every joint on all of our booms.

Our graphite elevates the performance of the Loon Boom to an entirely new level. Once you feel a Loon Boom you will experience an agility and responsiveness that will bring a smile to your face.

BaseMate + Wing

The Loon Audio BaseMate is designed to work with coiled or straight cable, plug on wireless transmitters and 3 or 5 pin XLR connections.