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Loon Boom |Penta Series | 1018 Cable | BaseMate + Wing


BaseMate Details The Base of our Loon Boom offers versatility and innovation through our Patent Pending technology. It is comprised of two separate parts, the BaseMate and Wing. Together, these advanced components are designed to operate with coiled or straight cable, plug on wireless transmitters, and 3 or 5 pin XLR connections. Offered below is a description as to how they function together and as one unit.

BaseMate with straight CableBaseMate: The Patent Pending BaseMate has several important roles for our boom. It is designed to protect the bottom of our pole and Wing by acting as a bumper and safeguard. The BaseMate, without Wing, provides a straight through path for a straight cable to exit. It also utilizes our patent pending TogLoc technology for easy removal and a secure connection. The BaseMate is included with every Loon Boom purchase.

BaseMate + Wing with coiled cable

BaseMate + Wing with coiled cableBaseMate with wireless transmitterWing: The Patent Pending Wing is included with the Loon Boom coiled package. The Wing is used for our coiled cable system and those who use plug-on wireless transmitters. It works in conjunction with our BaseMate and is secured to this component with two screws. Our Wing provides the opportunity for an operator to utilize a wireless transmitter with greater ease and less concern. The protection we offer wireless transmitters eliminates the fear of it being damaged while resting the boom on its bumper. Our wing also allows for you to custom orient the male XLR pins by rotating every 90 degrees. The proprietary coatings we use offer superior EMI/RFI protection.

We know you like to have options. The Loon Boom offers easy transformation, which can be performed in the field, for all applications. Please visit our Care and Use section for more details on these conversions.