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Loon Boom | Penta Series | 1018 Cable | BaseMate + Wing


1018 Coiled Cord
Our Loon Boom required an exceptional cable to compliment the poles performance. Therefore, we designed our own. The Loon 1018 cables offer high shielding, a quick recoil and are capable of transferring the highest quality signal.

1018 Straight Cable
Our selection of conductors, shielding and outer jacket along with proprietary manufacturing techniques allowed us to achieve an extraordinary expansion to retraction ratio of six to one. During the extrusion process of the outer jacket we have applied a technique that provides a textured surface which helps to lessen the "impact" noise inside the pole.

Y Dual 3 pin
Loon 1018 cable assemblies are offered straight, coiled, 3 or 5-pin XLR, any Y cable combination or other cable arrangement you might require. Our customized 90 degree XLR connectors make the connection to the microphone and Wing very compact.

1018 Jumper Cable
We highly recommend our jumper cable for maintaining the shielding the Loon Boom offers.

If you need a custom cable then don't hesitate to email us at orders@loonaudio.com